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Scalable impact and growth?

We can help with that

Growing any business is a challenge but this is certainly magnified if you are in the start up or scale up phase.

We feel your pain. The restrictions on budget, the strain on your team’s mental health, the chaos when it comes to prioritization.

Over the past 15 years, our leadership team have founded, scaled and exited businesses in the startup and corporate venture building worlds. And to be frank, we felt sick of the “business as usual” paradigm.

We founded Zebra Growth to level the playing field. Taking all of the branding and marketing tools, skills and experience that silicon valley’s fastest growing startups have access to, and using them to help purpose driven entrepreneurs accelerate their impact.

How do we help impact startups?

Once you have achieved product / market fit, we can help you refine your visual identity, establish growth marketing traction, set up your tech stack, and ensure you feel equipped to start scaling your impact.

Discover our

Branding & Design Services

Growth Marketing Services

Start measuring marketing performance and demonstrate clear ROI

Gain quick traction

Refine your visual identity and brand assets, ready for scale

Eliminate manual sales & marketing work through automation

How do we help impact scaleups?

Our team of entrepreneurs, brand strategist, designers and growth marketers work with impact driven scaleups to navigate complex growth and chunk it down into manageable milestones.


  • Does your brand reflect the culture of your growing team?
  • Is your brand distinctive enough to cut through the noise?
  • Do you have a strategy for managing customer acquisition at scale?
  • Have you established efficient growth teams and ways of working?
  • Do you feel comfortable deploying larger marketing budgets?
  • Are you concerned about maintaining your integrity and ethics as you grow?

We help the leaders of impact scaleups to solve these problems.

Our Tools

Detailed funnel strategy connected with your core purpose

MoM increase in revenue & social impact growth

Multi-disciplinary marketing & branding leadership expert advice & support

Tried & tested strategy, approach, set up and playbooks to confidentially hire and onboard your in house team

Dashboards that track & analyse marketing and growth performance clearly

Detailed processes for growth function documented within internal Wiki

Realigned, refined and data-driven brand identity and visual comms

Shorter sales cycles with optimized user journeys

Stacking the odds

We help startups to’ stack the odds’ by building the foundational processes, documentation systems, CRMs and user data to prepare for scale. Within this stage, we also boost marketing traction, brand distinctiveness, and effectiveness.