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Beyond Growth: A Regenerative Marketing Agency That Builds Movements

Experience the synergy of growth marketing and regenerative principles. We're not just about numbers; we're about nurturing movements that leave a lasting impact for all living beings.

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We see you, we’ve been there, we get it.

A trusted strategic partner that’s completely mission aligned. How refreshing.

We’re uniquely positioned to elevate impact-driven startups with lean marketing and regenerative business expertise. This fusion of branding artistry with marketing science, grounded in regenerative practice, makes us more than consultants — we are co-creators in your journey.

Want to grow your impact more effectively?

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In good company

Our purpose at Zebra Growth is to catalyse and grow movements that positively impact living beings through regenerative marketing.

Only partnering with organisations that authentically place social or environmental impact at their core, we have worked with regenerative ventures worldwide and have helped them create and grow their revolutionary brands. Here are a few of our dearest clients:

If you’re wondering why your startup isn't growing as fast as you'd like, don’t worry, you're not alone.

We help startups cut through complexities, to understand where they are in their business journey, and identify the growth levers that matter most. We know exactly the challenges that come with growing a regenerative business. It’s all too easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day and lose sight of the bigger picture.

If you are considering external support but feel uncertain about what your business needs are, schedule a Discovery Call with us.

During this call, we’ll dive into understanding your unique challenges and goals, explore potential synergies, and determine how we can best collaborate.

It’s the perfect opportunity to clarify your needs and see if we’re the right fit to help your business thrive.

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How we can help

Solutions for emerging and maturing impact-led startups

Discover our four core services, uniquely designed for impact startups and scaleups looking to accelerate their impact

360° Support: From MVP to Market

Transform your prototype into a market-ready product and attract your early adopters within 3 months with guided, hands-on support.

360° Support: From Market to Impact

Scale your impact business with tailored growth marketing execution to secure high-value partnerships and drive sustainable growth.

One-Off Support: Tailored Digital Asset Creation for Impact

Elevate your regenerative startup’s digital presence and stand out from the crowd with custom-designed website/landing pages, campaign assets and investor pitch decks.

On-Going Support: Full-Spectrum Paid Media and Content for Growth

Unlock continuous regenerative growth for your startup with our retainer services dedicated to strategic paid media management and compelling content creation.

Effectively ideate, test, and scale your brand, with impact and profit in harmony

Why work with us?

Growth marketing is an experiment-led approach to building and launching a brand, allowing you to test and validate ideas, minimise wastage, accelerate growth, and maximise impact.

It’s a pursuit for always seeking better, smarter and more efficient ways to grow.

We adapt this approach, with the addition of social impact and profit as equal priorities.

Having your marketing department outsourced forever isn’t effective. We work towards upskilling and equipping your team with the playbooks and skills to thrive without us.

As a group of strategists, creatives, and techies who have experienced profit-at-all-costs marketing practices first-hand, we’re all tired of it. We look to drive change and equip those who want to do the same.

We understand the importance of recurring revenue, cash flow, and financial resilience, in order to enable long-term impact generation. Our way of creating seeks to balance profit and real positive change in harmony.

Growth marketing is an experiment-led approach to building and launching a brand, allowing you to test and validate ideas, minimise wastage, accelerate growth, and maximise impact.

It’s a pursuit for always seeking better, smarter and more efficient ways to grow.

We adapt this approach, with the addition of social impact and profit as equal priorities.

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Who we help

Early stage, funded startups (Seed)

Emerging impact startups, often at seed stage, partner with us as they aspire to level up their marketing strategies in tandem with their growth. Addressing specific challenges, such as developing a cohesive marketing approach from scratch and integrating sustainability into their brand narrative, we offer co-created, bespoke brand and marketing strategies thus transforming their initial vision into a thriving, impactful enterprise.

Scaling, funded startups (Series A)

Maturing impact startups in their crucial Series A stage, request our support in transforming their early-stage complexities into strategic advantages, helping to develop professional go-to-market, growth, and brand strategies. Our tailored approach eases the journey of building on an early brand identity and communicating an evolving mission, enabling these startups to stand out in the market and attract meaningful investments.

Bootstrapped? We’ve got you covered

For bootstrapped startups, our growth leadership and coaching packages offer a practical solution for those seeking to systemise their marketing without the heavy investment in specialised services. We tailor our support to the unique challenges of self-funded startups, helping them solidify their market presence, refine their value propositions, and prepare for scaling, all while navigating the constraints of limited funding.

Impact Investors & Accelerator Programmes

We design and deliver inspirational training, workshops and coaching programmes for global investors who are unleashing the power of capital for good through impact investments as well as accelerator programmes providing guidance, support and funding to cohorts of startups and impact ventures.

Challenges we solve

The path to successful, regenerative business growth is challenging and multifaceted. At Zebra Growth, we understand these complexities and specialise in overcoming them:

Struggling to develop a brand identity that resonates with your mission and audience? We help define and articulate your unique value proposition, ensuring it stands out.

Unsure how to effectively communicate your innovative, impact-focused product or service? We guide you in navigating your ecosystem with a brand that underscores your commitment to impact and regeneration.

Overwhelmed by the branding process and unsure where to start, especially when integrating purpose or social impact? We provide a clear roadmap to develop a compelling brand.

You want to cut through the complexities and identify your biggest growth levers, clarifying where to focus your attention and best coordinate your resources to support growth and funding opportunities.

If you’re transitioning from ad-hoc marketing efforts to a more structured approach, we can help. We work with you to formulate your first in-depth marketing strategy, ensuring it’s not only actionable and realistic but also aligns perfectly with your startup’s vision and regenerative goals.

Need to translate your new marketing strategy into action but lack operational guidance? We offer interim growth leadership in the shape of Head of Growth and ongoing coaching to ensure effective implementation of your strategic vision.

You want to improve your marketing strategies and initiatives, and need leadership guidance. However you don’t want to commit to a full-time CMO just yet.

Eager to develop deeper connections with your community and establish long-term user loyalty? We help construct the foundation for meaningful engagement based on shared values of social impact and positive change.

Rapid growth and the need for strategic scaling causing internal overwhelm? Our follow on services include access to a network of skilled freelancers and growth coaching, providing flexible, sustainable support.

Need to augment your team with specialised skills for specific projects or campaigns? We connect you with pre-vetted freelancers who understand and are passionate about regenerative business models.

Proud to be B Corp Certified

In 2022 we earned our stripes as a Certified B Corporation, joining the global B Corp community.

We have a legal commitment to uphold B Lab ethics to safeguard our clients and team, and actively manage our environmental impact to the highest possible standards. As changemakers, we’re aware of the challenges in the shift towards a regenerative economy, and we’re here for it.

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