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The sustainable knitwear brand for every-body

Crafting a new clothing label that exists to give a
broader representation of the fashion world.

Service overview

Brand Strategy, Naming
and Visual Identity

Brand Workshops, Research, Brand Strategy,
Brand Insights, Naming, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines,

Brand Treatment, Design Systems, Creative Concepts


Thinking Creatively and Critically

We took the co-founders through a series of interactive, multimedia workshops (both in person, and virtually) to get them thinking creatively and critically about what they are trying to achieve, understanding their goals, what is driving them deep down, and then refining this information and feeding it into their strategy.

Brand Purpose

The Theory of Change

Our workshop exercises including the theory of change challenged them to discover and align their vision of a better fashion industry, and we pulled out valuable insights including less waste, a celebration of individuality, awareness of impact, and globalisation vs local. These concepts shaped the foundations of their brand purpose.

Brand Strategy

Brand Story, Tone of Voice, Personas, Brand Space

Seriously, can we cut the nonsense?

With all the glitz and glam everyone still looks the same. Is this all we get? It shouldn’t be about trends or exclusivity. Clothes are part of our identity. We have a right to look the way we want. The Power of Choice.

Get down to the knitty-gritty of things.

People are primary models for our designs. Let’s stop navigating unrealistic beauty standards – there are no empty gestures here. You are the inspiration. Celebrating diverse bodies at the forefront of fashion.

With us, there’s no spin (other than our yarns). Promise.

Fashion has always been a reaction to social change, to our lives. Pure inspiration, a counter idea, a statement of the moment.

Clothes should let our identity shine. No matter who you are, what you do, or how you look – we create clothes that express you. We prioritize people over trends. The clothes our bodies deserve.

Aye, to mixing it up. Designing a radically regenerative and diverse future. We respect animals and the people behind the craft by delivering quality over quantity.

From sheep to shop. Setting new standards for fashion.


Pairing the findings from our workshops with the target audience defined in our research, we began our naming process. This framework involves a variety of ideation exercises and workshops as a cross-functional team including the client. We generated concepts using an iterative approach, filtering them through a detailed evaluation matrix which led to the creation of ‘woolkind’.

Visual Identity

The Workings

The Final Product

Brand Guidelines

Design Systems

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