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A bit about ourselves

We want to level the playing field by equipping ethically focused brands with the same marketing resources, insights, and tools used by some of the biggest brands in the world. Utilizing them to benefit the many, not just to line the pockets of a few.

What makes us, us?


Rather than operate in strict, inflexible phases, we build only what you need when you need it.

Agile and efficient.


We leave the ego at the door. By remaining open minded, allowing data and insights to guide our decisions, we build brands effectively and efficiently.

Baked In

We equip brands with the tools they need to grow without relying on us. From day one, we actively work with our clients to hire and train their very own, in-house growth marketing team.

Why you might need our help

Running a fast growing startup can be stressful and chaotic. We can work with you to manage that stress by adding more predictability to your growth with a focus on helping you to scale your triple bottom line. By actively taking a testing first approach, we provide you with powerful data-driven insights on how best to brand, grow and scale your business.

You have understood the core market & societal problems

You have talked to your users & beneficiaries and researched the problems they face. It’s time to create a brand story and identity that truly reflects your purpose and makes you distinctive.

You have achieved initial product/market fit

You have launched your product and gathered valuable feedback from real life users. There is a need within your target audience that your product can fulfill. It’s now time to drive early traction and validate your assumptions.

You want to achieve rapid growth that is ethically focused and sustainable

It’s time to scale. Setting up the growth strategy, systems and team required to rapidly grow your revenue and social impact is high on your priority list and you want to consult external experts to do it properly.

Our People

We’re a group of strategists, creatives, and techies from around the world, bringing together a diverse mix of backgrounds, disciplines, and ways of thinking.

We believe that having a lean and iterative approach to brand building is one of the most effective ways to accelerate positive change.

Lee Fitzpatrick

Role: Managing Director

Knows: Marketing strategy, business strategy, coaching, finance, CMO, entrepreneurship

Based In: Edinburgh, Scotland

Moh Al-Haifi

Role: Growth Director

Knows: Lean Start-up, venture building, performance marketing, digital marketing, brand purpose strategy

Based In: Lisbon, Portugal

Jake Murray

Role: Creative Director

Knows: Brand strategy and Identity design, advertising & creative direction, copywriting, Agile and Lean methodologies.

Based In: East Lothian, Scotland

Ellis Doyle

Role: Midweight Graphic Artist

Knows: Illustration, graphic design, branding, logo design, UI design, print, campaign creation

Based In: Edinburgh, Scotland

Emma Hughes

Role: Junior Marketing Intern

Knows: Content marketing, social media, regenerative economy, sustainable fashion,

Based In: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Talha Imam

Role: Head of Production

Knows: Visual storytelling, filmmaking, videography, cinematography, photography, sound design, food styling, storyboarding, graphic design,

Based In: Edinburgh, Scotland

Gergo Racz

Role: Operations Intern

Knows: Business strategy, systems design, operations, regenerative food systems, research

Based In: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Everything we do as a business is designed to bring balance
Between financial stability and social impact.
Between form and function.
Between quality and speed of execution.
Between creativity and performance.