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A bit about ourselves

We want to level the playing field by equipping impact-hearted brands with the same marketing resources, insights, and tools used by some of the biggest brands in the world. Utilizing them to benefit the many, not just to line the pockets of a few.

What makes us, us?


Rather than operate in strict, inflexible phases, we build only what you need when you need it.

Agile and efficient.


We leave the ego at the door. By remaining open minded, allowing data and insights to guide our decisions, we build brands effectively and efficiently.

Baked In

We equip brands with the tools they need to grow without relying on us. From day one, we actively work with our clients to hire and train their very own, in-house growth marketing team.

Why you might need our help

Running a fast growing startup can be stressful and chaotic. We can work with you to manage that stress by adding more predictability to your growth with a focus on helping you to scale your triple bottom line. By actively taking a testing first approach, we provide you with powerful data-driven insights on how best to brand, grow and scale your business.

You have understood the core market & societal problems

You have talked to your users & beneficiaries and researched the problems they face. It’s time to create a brand story and identity that truly reflects your purpose and makes you distinctive.

You have achieved initial product/market fit

You have launched your product and gathered valuable feedback from real life users. There is a need within your target audience that your product can fulfill. It’s now time to drive early traction and validate your assumptions.

You want to achieve rapid growth that is impact focused and regenerative

It’s time to scale. Setting up the growth strategy, systems and team required to rapidly grow your revenue and social impact is high on your priority list and you want to consult external experts to do it properly.

Our People

We’re a group of strategists, creatives, and techies from around the world, bringing together a diverse mix of backgrounds, disciplines, and ways of thinking.

We believe that having a lean and iterative approach to brand building is one of the most effective ways to accelerate positive change.

Lee Fitzpatrick

Role: Managing Director

Knows: Marketing strategy, business strategy, coaching, finance, CMO, entrepreneurship

Based In: Edinburgh, Scotland

Moh Al-Haifi

Role: Growth Director

Knows: Lean Start-up, venture building, performance marketing, digital marketing, brand purpose strategy

Based In: Lisbon, Portugal

Talha Imam

Role: Head of Production

Knows: Visual storytelling, filmmaking, videography, cinematography, photography, sound design, food styling, storyboarding, graphic design,

Based In: Edinburgh, Scotland

Keiron Calder

Role: Senior Designer

Knows: Visual Identity, Product Design, Brand Environments, Experiences and Spaces.

Based In: Edinburgh, Scotland

Hanan Al-Haifi

Role: Senior Growth Marketing Consultant

Knows: GTM strategy, digital strategy, paid media, brand strategy, marketing training, female empowerment

Based In: Dubai, UAE

Dylan Winn-Brown

Role: Web Developer

Knows: Front-End Development, Web Designer, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, 3rd Party Integrations

Based In: London, England

Elisavet Lavida

Role: Growth Marketer  

Knows: Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Paid media, Content Creation

Based In: Athens, Greece

Jane Go

Role: Community & Partnerships Lead

Knows: CRM, Sales, Account Based Marketing, Relationship Building, Data analysis, Market analysis

Based In: Philippines


Founders Story

“Is this all there is?”

It’s that big question that led to the birth of our little agency. Here’s how it all began…

Around 4 years ago, Moh Al-Haifi met Lee Fitzpatrick whilst working on a project together. Both had become disenchanted with corporate hustling and revenue chasing that helped the wealthy at the cost of social responsibility. It was a meeting of minds and together they agreed that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine a world where the primary goal of business is to create positive social change. Or a world where businesses were rated, not on shareholder value, but by their social impact.

It quickly became apparent to Moh and Lee that there were many others that shared their ethos. Not just shared it, were 100% committed to it. As the Zebra Growth message spread both businesses and individuals recognised the true value in what Moh and Lee were trying to achieve and the ranks grew.

Today every client and member of Zebra Growth share an unwavering commitment to the ideology that underpins what we do. Believing in a more conscious business model that is regenerative over extractive is what we all commit to and live by.

We don’t hold all of the answers but together we are in the position to make a difference.

So we’re looking to partner with people – like you – to help us imagine, define, and create a new way of doing business.

Our Manifesto

Capitalism has served us this far but has now become more harmful than beneficial for society. Rising inequality, climate crisis, ego-driven leaders, hustle and burnout culture. Growth for growth’s sake. These are the common business drivers.

“Successful” businesses that are extractive by design.

Our experience within the social enterprise, NGO and high-growth/unicorn worlds, we recognise that there is a gap in tools to allow for effective and ambitious regenerative growth. We view branding and growth as an opportunity to positively impact society and affect the profit driven culture.

We want to support the change in the role of capitalism and business in society today. Instead of a mechanism to maximize profits for the few, we want to support the next generation of conscious leaders placing positive social change and regeneration at the centre.

How can we change a system, where the changemakers aren’t equipped to compete with an outdated business model? Resources and insight are necessary to help them innovate, reach and communicate with their audiences, and win them over at scale.

This is not impossible, with the right support.

We aim on bridging the insight gap between unicorn startups and social impact businesses. Between unicorns and zebras. Between effective, ambitious, lean growth, and purpose, regeneration and humanity.

Regenerative marketing and branding is something we are currently defining. It’s ever-evolving, yet in order for a sound impactful framework to be tailored, there has to be the right intention. Through collaboration and iteration we will find a brand identity that resonates.

We are passionate about working with those individuals and organizations that have the intention to do better, to help others, and to focus on what really matters – the wellbeing of our planet and people. Helping them adopt lean and scalable growth branding and marketing skills, whilst constantly challenging them to think regeneratively results in a brand that they can be proud of.

Now is the time for the good guys to become resilient. It’s time for the change makers to stand up. It’s time for the Zebra to symbolically become the next Unicorn. Together we can drive for change.

With a core value of co-creation, we believe that now is the time to passionately co-create the future of an impact-led economy. We invite you to join us, share your learnings, and express your hopes on how we can best accelerate the transition into an equitable and regenerative economy. Most importantly, we invite you to join us in co-creating and co-learning what this new future can look like.


Everything we do as a business is designed to bring balance
Between financial stability and social impact.
Between form and function.
Between quality and speed of execution.
Between creativity and performance.