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What’s going on at Zebra growth?

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This is where we keep a note of all of our learnings, the insights we’ve gleaned, and the things we’ve found interesting and useful. Here you can find articles on brand building tips, ethical marketing hacks, and information on how you can accelerate your social impact.

Impact Shakers Lightning Talk: The next generation of marketing is regenerative

Impact Shakers extended a gracious invitation to our Co-founder, Moh, to share insights on his journey to discovering regenerative marketing at the Impact Shakers Summit.

Soulful Content Creation that Elevates Early and Scaling Regenerative Ventures to Amplify Their Voice

Looking for copywriting, design and website support that is on-demand and flexible? Look no further than Zebra Growth’s Design & Communicate services.

How to start experimenting with growth marketing: An overview of the G.R.O.W.S. process

Ready to run an experiment? In this article, we give an overview of what growth marketing is and give you the tools to start running your own experiments with the G.R.O.W.S. process.

B-Excited: How can your business become a B Corp?

Ever wondered how a business becomes a B Corp? We take you through the process now that Zebra Growth is B Corp certified!

Stack ‘em up: Why a well-executed tech stack is vital for Regenerative Startups

In this article, we’ll look at how a well-executed marketing tech stack can help your business achieve regenerative growth and give you our favourite tools for Regenerative Startups to build a bullet-proof tech stack.

It’s Time to Grow-up: Is Vertical Farming the Future of Agri-Tech?

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the growing practice of vertical farming and highlight a few of the changemakers who are making their mark on the agri-tech sector.

Employer Branding

This article will provide advantageous tips on how to build an authentic and powerful employer brand, allowing you to recruit and retain the best talent.

Zebra Growth and ViewsForChange collaborate to enhance impact and ethical marketing

Zebra Growth and ViewsForChange collaborate to enhance impact and ethical marketing

Business Is Sick: The Need for an Economic Regenerative Transformation

We will be discussing how the climate emergency is a sign of wider economic system failure, resulting in business being sick. We will discuss the danger of the ‘growth-at-all-costs’ mindset within start-ups and large corporations, and introduce you to a possible solution, The Doughnut Economics.

Ethical Growth Marketing 101: Combining Growth hacking With Social Impact

Within this article, we will go through the 6 principles of ethical growth marketing, and explain how social impact startups that are building the new, purpose-driven economy, need to create sustainable growth (with a limit) to make this movement the norm of our economy.