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Free tools & guides for your impact start up

We’ve taken some of our favourite frameworks that we use in our workshops and designed them up into short and snappy guides.

Let us know how it goes.

Tool Library


White Paper: ‘How Regenerative Startups Can Be Self-Sustaining With Lean Marketing’

In this white paper, we share integrated principles that prioritise sustainability, social impact, and environmental stewardship, aligning business missions with marketing and branding strategies. We also outline how startups can optimise their marketing efforts, using data driven strategies to reach their target audience, all whilst staying financially self-sustaining.


Branding & Communications Health Check

We created this simple quiz to give you FAST and FREE insights into how your business scores on branding and how you can leverage it to maximise your potential.

If you want to delve deeper into the results, there’s an added bonus of a FREE 45 minute discovery call with one of our brand specialists.


Is Your Startup Optimised For Growth in 2023?’ Quiz

Do you treat your marketing as a series of experiments? Unlike traditional marketing theory, growth marketing takes an experimental approach to tactics, being curious and testing as quickly as possible to achieve channel / market fit. Take a quiz now to see how set up you are for growth in 2023.


A new leading light in eco advocacy is emerging – Climate Tech

The ethical marketing message is spreading. Arguably, the greatest negative impacts have previously been generated by corporate giants. However more unicorns are turning away from planetary destruction caused by the ‘profit at all cost’ mentality. Many are turning towards socially responsible and sustainable business growth.



Exciting times. Our Roar of the Zebra community page is now live!

Our collaborative community for under represented groups is finally here! This group aims to empower the next generation of social impact entrepreneurs through discussion, information sharing, insights and networking.

So check out our new page to find out what ROTZ is all about.


Ethical Risk Starter Kit

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Even with the best will and intentions, as business owners and entrepreneurs, we get things wrong. All the time.

That’s why we have designed this simple framework, to help fellow purpose driven entrepreneurs identify, categorise and mitigate risks that may stand in the way of making a positive impact.


Web Audit Tool

38% of people will stop engaging with an unattractive website and 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

Get a personalised FREE report designed to help you identify the key areas where your website can be improved. With our free audit you can identify problems with your website and get solutions on how to fix them.


Growth Experiment Planning Tool

Finding the most effective channels to use to take your product or service to market can be an expensive undertaking. We’ve all been there, cursing at Zuckerberg because Facebook Ads didn’t work out

Growth hacking counters these blockers to growth, and the experiment planning tool is an essential part of our toolkit that we use to optimise marketing, product iterations and growth campaigns for our clients. And we’re giving it to you for free!


Growth Quick Wins

When planning for the long term impact of your business, you can get a little impatient. So when we are working with clients we always identify a list of quick wins that we can implement straight away to accelerate growth.

We’ve only gone and documented the most lucrative and impactful quick wins from working with 100’s of startups and scaleups and made them available to you.