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Refugees thrive by the power of their own ideas

Creating a world where refugees have a fair chance to build a livelihood

Company: Tern

Name: Charlie Fraser

Title: Co-Founder


“Ambitious, innovative, and values driven. We hoped that we would be able to find a partner that would share our approach to lean innovation and create practical solutions to level up our work. Zebra Growth brought that and more, diving into the detail of our work and bringing their skillsets & insights to improve what we can do.

The Zebra Growth team is pushing the boundaries on how social impact organisations can embrace a growth mindset and lean principles to turbocharge their work.”


Brand Strategy, Visual Identity

Brand Hierarchy, Target Audience, Budget Setting, Growth Funnel, Tech Stack, Automation, Growth Team Set Up, Growth Process & Much More.

TERN is an ambitious social enterprise and ever-growing community with a mission to enable refugees to thrive through the power of their own ideas. We help refugees become entrepreneurs, launch businesses and take control of their own futures and have supported over 400 refugee founders since 2016.

TERN were looking for support from expert marketing strategists to build a multi-year marketing strategy. With ambitious goals to scale business support through a network of trained partners to reach 4,000 refugee entrepreneurs in the UK, US & Canada they approached Zebra Growth to develop a marketing strategy that would attract & convert an audience of beneficiaries, funders, partners, consumers and volunteers while positioning them as the go to business support provider for refugees.


To provide a solution, first you need to diagnose the problem.

The Growth process started with two workshops. A relaxed conversation with the key stakeholders in the business, using carefully selected exercises and focused facilitation to bring the powerful insights and golden nuggets of wisdom to the surface. Providing us with the baseline to begin developing their strategy.

Quick wins:

Hierarchy of messaging

As part of our strategy we identified quick wins that the business can implement straight away. The content hierarchy on TERN’s website was a great entry point, allowing us to distill overwhelming information into a meaningful interaction for those refugees who interact with the brand for the first time.

Growth Hacking & Experimentation:

We then worked with the client to install our 4-step growth hacking methodology:

Step 1: Analyse your data & gather insights

By understanding more about your customers and how they interact with your product, you will begin to identify opportunities for growth experiments. Start by diving into the initial wave of users you’ve acquired and go from there.

Step 2: Ideas

There are many ways to generate new ideas. Look into what has worked or not worked in the past and ask yourself why?

Step 3: Prioritise

To identify the best ideas for meeting a growth objective, it’s important for the contributing individual to assign their ideas with scores so that the team can rank ideas against one another.

Step 4: Test

Each test should then be analyzed and measured against its hypothesis. The analyst will need to report whether the idea worked, didn’t work, or was inconclusive. Regardless of the outcome, it’s important for the analyst or growth lead to share a test summary that includes the lessons learned from a qualitative perspective as well as any supporting data.

…and repeat

Growth & Experimentation processes


“Zebra Growth helped us to reimagine the user experience for our community, and as a result unlock endless exciting opportunities at the very core of what we do.”

Benefits & Impact



A collaborative and in-depth project that allowed us to enable TERN to achieve the following impact:

Immediate: Clarity on who to hire, who to train and how to communicate how to achieve growth goals

Medium: Ability to increase the quality and relevance of communication with community members, whilst increasing the efficiency of their marketing function

Long term: Increase the number of refugee entrepreneurs globally that are thriving