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Building impactful brands that stand the test of time

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Tailored branding and growth support for ethically driven start-ups and scale-ups looking to accelerate their impact.

Ethical Growth Marketing

Learn. Build. Test. Repeat. Repeat.

Combining data-driven strategies, iterative brand development, and truly agile growth marketing, we help brands grow. We keep the big picture – the truly important stuff – firmly within focus. Business profitability is vital, but we view it as a catalyst for positive societal change.

By balancing big picture thinking with data-driven detail, we create brands that have deep roots. Brands that stand the test of time.

Everyone within our team adopts a growth mindset – seeing challenges and obstacles as opportunities to learn. The wisdom of learning from failure is incontrovertible. Yet, organizations that do it well are extraordinarily rare.

It’s okay to assume. It’s not okay to believe these assumptions are right before testing them. In order to make sure you are utilizing the best growth levers out there, we work with you to set hypotheses, and to then test them out. Putting our ego aside (and yours too), we go to the market with a curious mindset, gathering initial data that can validate the best hypothesis to support your growth.

  • Gather growth hypothesis/assumptions
  • Prioritise hypothesis/assumptions
  • Outline tests
  • Real life testing (customer interviews & split testing)
  • Study outcomes & adopt learnings
  • Repeat

We don’t just look at the top 3 stages of your funnel, instead we strategically plan campaigns that guide a potential user/customer from awareness to impact creation (and yes, our focus is always impact, even if that is your long-term goal).

What is Growth Hacking?

Rapidly ideate, test, track and scale with ethics and impact in mind.

In short, Growth Hacking (a.k.a Growth Marketing) is the pursuit of better, smarter and more efficient ways to grow brands and accelerate their impact.

This is the approach we take:

Growth at all costs is not something we ever do. When creating strategies, we always consider the potential ethical risks that are so often present in the marketing world, and aim to mitigate these as much as possible. No one gets it perfect, but being conscious and aware of this will make sure you are doing your best to be as ethical as possible!

We work with you to help you grow as much as makes sense. Unlimited growth is what has caused some of the world’s biggest crises, typically with good initial intentions. We believe that being conscious of a limit to your growth makes more sense than wanting to dominate the world with a growth at all costs mindset.

This limit is hard to define, and it is something that looks different for each brand, and each industry. We help you dig deeper to uncover your ethical limit.

Manipulation is one of the biggest problems in the marketing space. We ensure that all our campaigns lead with honesty & transparency, and are certain that it will help you gain more loyal supporters than ever before.

Example project timeline

Example project duration: 12 months