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Striking a realistic balance between people and profits

Our Approach

Growth hacking is a mindset and process that is used by silicon valley’s fastest growing tech startups. It’s the most effective way to grow a business. We’re using it for good.

Zebra Growth is reforming the way growth hacking is used by putting an ethical and social impact lens on it.

Combining data-driven strategies, iterative brand development, and truly agile growth marketing, we help brands grow. By balancing big picture thinking with data-driven detail, we create brands that have deep roots. Brands that stand the test of time.

We keep the important stuff firmly within focus. Rapidly ideating, testing, tracking and scaling with ethics and impact in mind.

In short, Growth Hacking is the pursuit of better, smarter and more efficient ways to grow brands and accelerate their impact. Business profitability is vital, but we view it as a catalyst for positive societal change.

The 6 core pillars of Ethical Growth Marketing

We adopt a growth mindset, seeing challenges and obstacles as opportunities to learn. The wisdom of this is incontrovertible, yet organizations that do it well are extraordinarily rare.

Growth at all costs is not something we ever advocate for. We always consider the potential ethical risks when creating a strategy, and aim to mitigate these as much as possible. Being conscious & aware ensures we are as ethical as possible!

It’s okay to assume, but not okay to believe these assumptions are right before testing them. Using the best growth levers available, we set hypotheses and test them using creative curiosity and data gathering to validate the best hypothesis to support your growth. GATHER > PRIORITIZE > OUTLINE TESTS > REAL LIFE TESTING > OUTCOMES > REPEAT

The S-shaped growth curve - Familiar with the hockey stick growth curve? It demonstrates that growth will only increase over time – for EVER. It's not really sustainable is it? And do businesses really need to focus on rapid growth once they become resilient? We don’t think so.

We strategically plan campaigns that leverage all levels of the funnel, guiding a potential user/customer from awareness to impact creation (our focus is always impact, even if that is not your long-term goal).

Manipulation is one of the biggest problems in the marketing space. Our campaigns lead with honesty & transparency, which will help you gain more loyal supporters than ever before.


First, we take the time to craft your marketing strategy, creating an experiment and data led marketing function that supports the calibre of your product.

Taking core principles from design thinking and lean startup, we apply an experimental approach to your marketing & growth.

Ongoing assessment of goals, resources, assets, tech stack and timelines will support a marketing strategy that is both ethical and viable.


Our team, in collaboration with yours, will roll out your marketing activity in a coordinated fashion to maximise impact.

From monthly ideation meetings & weekly sprint meetings, to copywriting and design, planning content, ads and PR, and managing publishing and performance tracking.

Our cross functional teams integrate with your business to become your outsourced growth department.

What about channels

As experienced omni-channel specialists and a full service agency we have a cross-functional set-up which allows us to remain agile, diverting your budget to the most appropriate and highest performing channels without restrictions. We choose the most appropriate tactics for each growth cycle, and use data to decide whether to continue investing in those tactics. Did a tactic fail? We see that as learning win that can be carried over to the next cycle.

  • Agile project management
  • Monthly Reporting – optimisation of growth strategy, growth reports shared
  • Monthly, weekly and bi-daily team meetings

  • Content creation & copywriting
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Whitepapers & research documents
  • Print media
  • Banner ads
  • Social media design
  • Video & photography

  • Creative advertisement ideation
  • Campaign planning
  • Storyboarding & messaging aligned to objectives
  • Digital design systems (e.g. Figma)

  • Traditional media (PR/Print)
  • Organic social media
  • Paid social
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • SEO
  • TV Advertising
  • Radio Advertising

Growth Marketing can create sustainable revenue-generating growth for your startup.

Faster time to market

Form an emotional bond with your target audience, depending on where they are in the funnel, giving them a comprehensive offering that is tailored to their needs.

High return on investment

Access to data to demonstrate return on investment to investors. No more stressing and struggling to show stakeholders return on investment.

Capacity to scale your marketing

Having a full-funnel, scalable growth marketing approach offers value at every stage of the marketing funnel, attracting, engaging, keeping, and eventually converting customers into brand ambassadors.

Cross Functional working

True creativity comes from diverse input.

Our teams are set up cross functionally, enabling your ethical growth to be fuelled by a lean and multidisciplinary team full of unique experience and expertise.

This ensures maximum efficiency, and to learn more from one another’s experiences working with startups across the globe.