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Accelerating an end to homelessness

According to Crisis, over 66,000 more people will become homeless by 2024. That’s why Venture Studio, a subsidiary of Crisis, is on a mission to end homelessness through good entrepreneurship.


“We asked Zebra Growth to assist us with the design of an important deck, and the team and final product exceeded our expectations. They were professional, friendly and helpful so we really enjoyed working together. We especially appreciated the persistence to understand our complex models in order to accurately portray these through design. Thanks again!”

Sarah Hopley

Lead Venture Builder

With their first ever Philanthropic Venture Fund, The Venture Studio are looking to fix the broken housing system in England and enable new social housing to be built, with the goal of preventing and ending homelessness once and for all.


Design of 2x Decks

of up to 20 pages each for presentation & distribution to investors

Collaborative Design

of illustrations & infographics

Proofreading & Copywriting

The Collaboration Process

Having provided the content, Venture Studio enabled an exciting opportunity to co-create with Zebra Growth. The success of this project comes from our direct collaboration with Venture Studio.

Our focus was to make the design and feedback process as easy as possible. Following a thorough planning call, our designers created an initial mock-up of the decks before going through a series of revisions rounds.

Utilising Co-Creation Tools

Given the complexity of the Venture Studio’s work, it was important to us that we captured their vision through the infographics, whilst allowing the content to be easily absorbed by their stakeholders.

By using Miro as a collaborative tool, we really gained insight into their message and how best to communicate it.

Essence Captured

The end result encapsulates Venture Studio’s proposition and message.

Zebra Growth are proud to have been a part of the process.

Are you a social impact startup looking to grow?

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