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Giving the building reuse movement momentum

Crisis has estimated that 227,000 people in the UK are homeless. With over 400,000 residential properties sitting vacant across the country, something has to be done.

Grand Bequest is on a mission to combat the homelessness crisis by supercharging the building reuse movement. As the first PropTech B Corp in Scotland, their groundbreaking AI technology empowers key stakeholders to work collaboratively to restore and redevelop vacant buildings, driving regenerative growth for the good of people and planet.


Video & Audio Production
Brand Engagement & Awareness

Sector Positioning, Brand Reach, Brand Messaging
Visual Identity, Audience Engagement

Community Empowerment
Job Creation
Local Economy

Zebra Growth were honoured when Katherine Gunderson, Founder of Grand Bequest, looked to us for marketing support in delivering a time-sensitive promotional video that would drive Brand engagement & reach. Through collaboration, we gathered insights into their brand mission, purpose and identity, which informed all stages of the video production.

Project Features

Fully supported project management from Pre to Post-production

  • Script Writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Post Production Music Selection + Editing
  • 1x 3m Fully Produced Promo Video
  • Alternate Ending + Segmented CTA For Members + Investors

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