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Making fairer
energy glow

Building a narrative driven brand strategy and visual identity for German e-mobility tech start-up, Fairnergy.

Company: Fairnergy

Name: Marina Hill

Title: Marketing and Distribution


“They created a comfortable atmosphere, made sure that we “get to the point” and gave helpful instructions. We feel that they really understand us.”


Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Visual Language, Brand Guidelines.


Brand Identity Project

Fairnergy is a start-up that exists to connect fair energy initiatives with funding they rightfully deserve. Fairnergy works with good partners doing great things, and together they connect the wealth of the global North with the renewable energy needs of the global South.

They approached Zebra Growth to help develop a lean and experiment lead growth marketing strategy. In the process however, they discovered that they first needed a brand identity that reflected the connection between technology and nature, amplifying the individual impact of socially conscious e-mobilists. Together we highlighted the defiant optimism in their search for realistic solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Zebra Growth worked collaboratively with key stakeholders to develop a brand strategy, visual identity and visual language, as well as website design, whilst simultaneously building out an experiment lead and data-driven growth strategy.

The Good Glow

There is often power in the seemingly insignificant. In the tiniest of gestures.

On the 31st of December 1879 the world would be transformed through one such gesture.

For most people living in New Jersey, that cold, dark Wednesday would have begun like very many others. But that evening, the sun set on a very different world than it had risen to. It was on this seemingly ordinary Wednesday that Thomas Alva Edison did what was once thought impossible – with the momentary flick of a switch, he turned night into day.

People could now look to a future where, rather than being shrouded in the cold dark of night, they could basin in the warm, illuminating glow of incandescent light.

We may tell ourselves that we will never change the world. We may convince ourselves that out actions are of little consequence.

But we would be wrong.

Through even the smallest gesture, we as individuals have the power to turn oil into freshwater, cars into wind farms, and CO2 into solar panels. We have the ability, and the choice, the change somebody’s world for the better.

This is the energy renaissance.