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Crafting a collaborative, community focused brand strategy and visual identity for nonprofit movement Everyone’s Edinburgh.

Company: Everyone’s Edinburgh

Name: Richard Knight

Title: Movement Lead


“The evolution of developing visual identity from an aligned understanding of who we are felt exciting and engaging. Along the way and since they have always offered more than we were expecting. Some innovative and fresh ideas here, some thoughtful advice there – pragmatic and proactive. They’ve a great team who communicate well and I’m confident we’ll continue to have a long term evolving and productive partnership.”


Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Visual Language, Website Design, Illustrations, UX & UI, Brand Guidelines.

Everyone’s Edinburgh

Branding & Website Project

Everyone’s Edinburgh is a nonprofit movement that exists to make Edinburgh a fairer city for all.
Everyone’s Edinburgh is part of a larger worldwide community, enjoying close ties with the international Cities Can B movement.

They approached Zebra Growth to help develop a brand identity that reflected the close ties with the Cities Can B movement, while still feeling wholly unique. Highlighting the diverse and inclusive nature of the movement and the city it represents was also a vital consideration.

Zebra Growth worked collaboratively with key stakeholders to develop a brand strategy, visual identity and visual language, as well as website design.