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Facilitating flexible working with a global network of on-demand workspaces

Desana wanted to show, not tell, how people were able to work more flexibly using the Desana App. To do this, we helped produce and film a series of videos letting their global client base share their experience of how Desana enables them to work wherever, whenever.

No one size fits all

Desana is working on creating a video content creation machine, one that is efficient and effective and will fuel the Desana marketing channels with story-led, highly professional videos of case-stories. With a plan to push the case studies across multiple platforms, they needed the videos in various lengths in both vertical and horizontal formats. This way, they could best reach everyone wherever they may be.

Tamon 15s

Tamon 30s

Tamon at Elastic 30s

Leave the logistics to us

With filming locations in the US, Spain & the UK, a modicum of coordination was required. We handled it all, from pre to production to post.

Project Management

We project managed content creation over a 3 month period in 3 different countries.


Mood board & storyboard design & delivery.

Creative Direction

Coordination & creative direction of videos.


Scriptwriting, question design & interview delivery of 6 stakeholders.


Filming, photography & sound design.


Editing & sound engineering

It’s all in the cut

To make the most of the footage, careful planning & script writing ensured we were able to make combined videos by interlacing together the individual versions. Now that’s just efficiency, any way you slice it.

22 videos produced

2 formats x different lengths

3 countries, 5 locations





Pamela and Jonny at AMS

Marcela at AMS

Marcela at AMS

Corey at Elastic

Corey at Elastic

Imma at Elastic

Imma at Elastic

Imma & Tamon at Elastic

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