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Crafting a refreshed brand strategy and visual identity for Edinburgh based coaching consultants, Good Stuff Coaching.

Company: Good Stuff Coaching

Name: Steve Nicol

Title: Co-Founder


“We enjoyed working with Zebra Growth. They got us to a new and fresh brand whilst making the core of what we do, and how we do it, stronger. Our re-brand took 3 months as quoted and we were very happy with the level of service and the result.”


Brand Strategy, Visual Identity

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Visual Language, Website Design, UX & UI Development, Brand Guidelines, Design Systems.

Good Stuff Coaching

Brand Identity Project

Good Stuff Coaching is a coaching consultancy based in Edinburgh, and run by two wonderful coaches, Steve & Emma.

Good Stuff Coaching exists to create space. To create space to breathe, to think. Space to laugh or cry. Space to explore the past and the possible. They do this by providing a safe haven where individuals can be honest. In short, they break down the stories that hold individuals back and then lead them to where they truly want to be, enabling them to be the authors of their stories, not the subject of them.

Steve & Lisa approached Zebra Growth after five years of successful trading, and communicated that they felt their brand was a little tired. It no longer filled them with excitement or represented them as individuals. It was time for a refresh.

Zebra Growth worked collaboratively with Steve & Emma to develop a brand strategy, visual identity and visual language, as well as website re-design and development.

Brand Story

No pressure, no diamonds.

The Maori, they are strong, deeply spiritual people – a force to be reckoned with. What makes the Maori that way?

Are they born warriors, or are they made?

The Maori have a word: Mana. Mana, to put it in the simplest of terms, is the spirit within. To have mana implies natural authority, influence, and ability. But mana isn’t just given: it’s earned. To see this spirit in action, you just need to look at New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks. They are one of – if not the most – successful sports teams in the world, winning over 77% of their matches. Success of this magnitude doesn’t come about by chance. A wise man once said that “Exceptional success requires exceptional circumstances.” Like mana, success is earned.

A coach creates exceptional circumstances that enable players to achieve exceptional success. They create a space, an environment, where each player can evolve to become the best version of themselves. The All Blacks have a mantra, an equation, and it’s this: better people make better All Blacks. They understand that before you can overcome challenges, you need to first better yourself. Life is full of pressures – from work, from family, from yourself.

People often say that you should ‘rise to the occasion.’ But surely it’s better to fall back on training and personal development? After all, when you’re under pressure it’s easier to fall back than it is to rise. A good coach helps prepare you, builds you up on firm foundations so that when you feel the pressure, you’re not shaken by it: you grow from it.”

Tone of voice

We are experts without ego.

We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, so we make sure we are friendly, open,
and approachable. That doesn’t mean, however, we pull our punches. We know when it’s in our clients best interests to speak with authority on a matter.

Our journey through life is rarely straight forward, and sometimes we need a different perspective to guide and reassure us. We communicate with honesty, kindness, and bring the wisdom of our own journeys.

For us, fostering real relationships is much more important than filling our books. We know the kind of people we want to work with, and the kind of people we can deliver the greatest value to.

We’re not creating an empire,
we’re building a tribe.