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GROWTH SESSIONS • 28th February and 1st March 2023

Discover the 10 steps to meet your growth goals in 2023

Learn how your business can become an impact machine
without compromising your values in our purpose packed
2-part masterclass (and more) for £199.

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Missing your
targets isn’t ideal.

Growing a business isn’t easy, especially one like yours that values making a positive impact as much as making a profit. After all, the current business ecosystem can be a hostile environment – often putting profit before everything else.

We’ve got you covered.

That’s why we created a 2-part masterclass, to help equip impact-driven entrepreneurs and brands with the skills, tools, and knowledge to grow.

Zebra Growth is here to share the valuable skills and knowledge that can begin to level the playing field, so that entrepreneurs and eco-enablers, like you, never have to compromise their ethics when building their brand.

But what’s included?

The agenda

The masterclass is split into two 2 hour sessions over two days, with a Q&A with our branding and marketing experts in each class.

Download action plan PDF.

Here is the 10-step action plan to help your business achieve your growth goals in 2023.

Session 1

In the first session you will learn:

Step 1. Laying the groundwork: What is a regenerative business?

Step 2. Discovering and (re)defining your social or environmental purpose

Step 3. Defining Your North Star Metric

Step 4. Niching to understand your target audience

Step 5. Creating messaging and using a value proposition that resonates with your audience

Q&A. With Moh & Lee

Session 2

In the second session you will learn:

Step 6. Creating a regenerative growth marketing funnel

Step 7. Get the right growth tech for 2023

Step 8. Creating a growth team with the right mindset and culture

Step 9. The experimentation process (G.R.O.W.S)

Step 10. Using channel market fit for success

Q&A. With Moh & Lee

In case you needed a little extra…

Plus, you get a tonne of bonus resources for you to continue learning after the masterclass, including:

  • Our favourite free resources and templates packaged up and sent to you after the call.
  • A video with our Senior Brand Strategist and Growth Director discussing how your brand can be used as a powerful growth lever.
  • A Q&A at the end of each session with Moh & Lee, branding and marketing experts with 20+ combined years of experience in the trenches growing startups.
  • Tips and tools from our battle-tested strategies.

This class is for you if…

You are:

  • A highly motivated founder looking for a methodology to drive predictable growth?
  • A regenerative entrepreneur sick of the unethical practises of Silicon Valley, seeking alternative ways to grow?
  • Ready to discover early traction after achieving product market fit?
  • Looking to test and validate your ideal customer personas and value proposition?
  • Wanting to empower your growth and marketing teams around a core purpose and methodology?

Or part of a startup team who is:

  • Looking to align around a shared strategy for growth?
  • Feeling disillusioned with your marketing efforts and feel like you are stuck in the mud?
  • Raised finance, and now the pressure is on to spend it wisely on the right growth tactics?
  • Hoping to learn from Growth Hackers with hands-on experience scaling startups?
  • Looking to hire your first growth marketer?
  • Wanting to hit your impact and revenue goals?

Why take this masterclass?

The 2-part masterclass will help you discover and focus on your own unique key objectives for the next 12 months making it easier to effectively hit your impact and revenue targets. We will show you how to create optimised, revenue generating marketing processes from scratch or adapt what you have to work better.

The webinar will give you the confidence to know exactly what to look for when you hire your first growth marketer and will enable you to have a common language and shared goal around marketing in your team – no more misunderstandings.

Our aim is to empower your growth marketing teams around a core purpose and methodology, bringing two of the most important facets of business building together into a cohesive strategy.

Why should you listen to us?

We work with regenerative startups and scaleups at all stages of their growth, from series A funding through to Series C and beyond. Supporting founders and their teams to optimise and scale their impact through regenerative marketing practices. From Climate Tech and Food Tech, to Regenerative Fashion and Refugee Cooperatives. If a startup has impact in mind, we’ve helped them scale.
We exclusively partner with organisations that authentically place social or environmental impact at their core. Here are a few of our dearest clients:

Your regenerative expert hosts

Moh Al-Haifi

Based in: Lisbon, Portugal

Moh is our Growth Director. Having grown up in Yemen, over the past few years has watched his country turn into one of man’s largest self-made humanitarian crises.

He believes that business, and the system it is fuelled by, is responsible for some of the biggest challenges humanity faces today.

Working for multiple startups and leading teams of growth hackers to scale the next unicorns, Moh has first-hand experience of just how toxic the growth at all costs mindset can be.

He has committed his life to closing the gap between silicon valley and social impact to achieve a world where businesses are set up with the core intention to do good.

Lean Start-up, venture building, performance marketing, digital marketing, brand purpose strategy, OKRs and impact, go-to-market strategy, coaching, economics, ethics.

Lee Fitzpatrick

Based in: Edinburgh, Scotland

Lee is our Managing Director and a problem solver at heart. Having been an entrepreneur operating in the startup scene both in the UK and globally for 15 years, he knows a thing or two about business and growth.

Lee has been involved in ‘business for good’ initiatives since 2012 and has grown increasingly disconnected from the traditional profit-driven business ecosystem, thinking “there has to be a better way”?

Marketing strategy, business strategy, creative copywriting, storytelling, video production, coaching, finance, CMO, entrepreneurship.

Skills and qualifications:
– Level C certified brand strategist
– Mini MBA in marketing
– Advanced account-based marketing practitioner
– Level 3 personal trainer and fitness coach

Okay – I’m convinced, count me in.

Join us for a two session, deep dive masterclass exploring the 10-step framework to accelerate your growth in 2023.

When: Session 1 on 28th of February and session 2 on 1st of March 2023, 4pm – 6pm (GMT).

Where: Delivered over Zoom.

The investment: £199.