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Equipping impact entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow

The business world is out of balance. For generations upon generations, the world of commerce has doggedly chased growth for the sake of growth. Accumulation. Rising profit margins and greater return on investment for a small minority of shareholders.

How long can this continue?

The problem is that big business – the corporate giants and unicorn startups that loom over our planet have had a big head start. They have been developing and refining tools and techniques to enable growth at a massive scale.

But rather than getting angry, let’s even the playing field.

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, strategists, and growth marketers. We have spent time working for venture builders, performance marketing agencies, bidding agencies and design houses. Unfortunately, we know how big business operates. But we are now committed to using this knowledge and experience to good effect.

To bring about balance.

Educating and supporting the next generation of impact founders

We work alongside venture builders, start-up accelerators, incubators and other organisations in the impact ecosystem to deliver training programmes, workshops and key-note talks that affect positive change.

Aish Moothan, Programme Associate, Bethnal Green Ventures

“The training was great value for money. Moh took the time to meet with us prior to the sessions to set the scope of the workshops, taking on board what attendees needed most out of it and setting overarching goals to achieve by the end of the session. The session itself was laden with practical resources and exercises.”

Amanda S, Workshop attendee

“Thank you for a 15/10 workshop. Having worked in marketing the last decade, this was the most inspiring and energising take on growth marketing I have seen.”

Greg Brodsky, Founder, Start.COOP

“Zebra Growth supplied exactly what our cohort was looking for and gave our group a great overview of how to look at marketing as a series of experiments. The training delivered over the past 3 months was transformative for some of our attendees.”

Branding & Growth Marketing Training

We offer bespoke training in Branding and Growth Marketing. More than that though, we look at everything through an ethical lens, helping brands identify risks, mitigate harm, and avoid situations that may lead to compromise in the future.

We can help your team to create and test marketing hypotheses, run effective problem-solving sessions, design brand strategies that are effective and balance financial stability with making a positive impact.


  • Strategic branding
  • Brand story
  • Visual identity design
  • Distinctiveness, positioning and value proposition
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand purpose
  • Communicating your purpose
  • Internal branding and culture alignment
  • Human centric design

Growth Marketing

  • The growth marketing process – G.R.O.W.S
  • How to set up marketing as a set of experiments
  • Building an ethical growth funnel
  • Setting marketing budgets & selecting the right tactics
  • Setting up a marketing tech stack
  • Recruiting a growth team
  • Adopting a growth mindset

Not another workshop

We can’t push you up the hill, but we will guide you to the best path.

Our workshops provide an unbiased environment for teams to safely express and explore.

We use creative problem solving techniques to ensure that our workshops are interactive and goal orientated. Our aim is to deliver value for everybody involved.

Have you ever built a customer journey model out of lego? Have you ever built a customer journey out of LEGO, and Batman is the customer?

Have you ever built and tested a product or service in just 4 days?

No? Well, now’s your chance to.

2 Hours

Quick Fire

Short, sharp and to the point. Using our trusted framework, we enable your team (or group) to make that critical key decision.

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0.5 Days


The perfect catalyst for a creative team building session filled with collaboration and fun!

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0.5 Days


Focus on one specific business challenge and use creative thinking to challenge assumptions and develop a solution with the end user in mind.

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4 Days


A process to solve any business challenge. Condense your development process into four days. We will guide you to map, sketch, prototype and test a product or solution with optimal results.

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3 Hours


Map out your customer journey and realise the highs, the lows, the emotions and how you can improve the user experience in your business.

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0.5 Days


What is the change you want to affect in the world? Working back from there what are the key inputs, activities, impact and outcomes to get you there.

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3 Hours


Whether the focus is on viarlity, channels, partnerships, or campaigns. Within this session, we combine your and our unique team members to come up with leap-worthy growth experiments.

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We use these tools, techniques, and talks to help the people we work with build stronger brands, marketing funnels, user journeys and explore complex cultural issues.

Facilitated learning and collaboration
Practical resources that you can implement in your business
Interactive and dynamic experience
Inspiring speakers and facilitators
Expert trained workshoppers
Social impact focused and we speak your language

Meet your

Moh Al-Haifi

Based in: Lisbon, Portugal

Moh is our Growth Director. Having grown up in Yemen, over the past few years he’s watched his country turn into one of man’s largest self-made humanitarian crises.

He believes that business, and the system it is fuelled by, is responsible for some of the biggest challenges humanity faces today. Working for multiple startups and leading teams of growth hackers to scale the next unicorns, Moh has first-hand experience of just how toxic the growth at all costs mindset can be.

He has committed his life to closing the gap between silicon valley and social impact to achieve a world where businesses are set up with the core intention to do good.


Lean Start-up
Venture building
Performance marketing
Digital marketing
Brand purpose
OKRs and impact
Go-to-market strategy

Lee Fitzpatrick

Based in: Edinburgh, Scotland

Lee is our Managing Director and a problem solver at heart. Having been an entrepreneur operating in the startup scene both in the UK and globally for 15 years, he knows a thing or two about business and growth.

Lee has been involved in ‘business for good’ initiatives since 2012 and has grown increasingly disconnected from the traditional profit-driven business ecosystem, thinking “there has to be a better way”?


Marketing strategy
Business strategy
Creative copywriting
Video production
Start up Finance

Skills & Qualifications:

Level C certified brand strategist
Mini MBA in marketing
Advanced account-based marketing practitioner
Level 3 personal trainer and fitness coach

Our Facilitator Network

We believe that matching the right person with the right problem, is the key to a successful training outcome.
That’s why we’re growing a network of talented facilitators from across the globe to help solve business challenges.

From culture and team building, to brand positioning and product development, there’s no business problem we can’t solve.
Effective decision making and creative problem solving can accelerate the growth of businesses and our job at Zebra Growth is to facilitate positive growth and change that ultimately makes the world a better place.

One More Thing

Ever wondered what Hannibal can teach us about branding? Or how a young boy from Yemen is reshaping the world of growth marketing? Or how to build a brand with heart?

What motivates us to stand in front of strangers and talk for an hour (or less)? Simply, we do this because we are deeply enthusiastic about what we do and that every human we connect with can accelerate the shift to a fair, regenerative and ethical way of doing business.

We’d love the opportunity to share our thoughts with you on the following topics:

  • Growth marketing
  • Ethical branding & marketing
  • Ethical strategy
  • Regenerative business
  • Zebras versus Unicorns
  • Our authentic founder stories

Are you an accelerator manager, fund manager, or business leader that is looking for expert facilitators that are impact driven at their core?