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An ethical marketing
approach isn’t just
black and white….

Here at Zebra Growth we are passionate about enabling business startups and scaleups to realize their growth potential, using an ethical and sustainable social impact model.

When it comes to addressing business success, can we move away from the dirty dollar towards a more humanitarian and socially valuable paradigm?

Delivering agile design, branding and growth marketing strategies, Zebras are not afraid to challenge the ‘profit at all cost’ mentality and the time has arrived to drive fundamental change.

If you are reviewing your brand and marketing strategy, this is how we can help you earn your stripes!

Our mission is to empower startups through ethical design, branding and growth marketing, creating a balance between growth, creativity and social impact. Check it how we do it below:

& Design

We create brands with deep roots. This takes time and collaboration and we invite you along for the ride.

We focus on only what is necessary, only what adds value. The brands we create are continually refined over the course of our relationship, to reflect key values meaning that you are left with a brand that resonates emotionally, and that functions perfectly. Completely aligned with your purpose as a business and with the change you want to make on this world.


Brand Purpose
Brand Story
Positioning and value proposition creation
Tone of voice
Interactive, multimedia brand workshopping
Visual identity design
Brand identity design
UX/UI design
Website and landing page design

I want to shine


This is the science bit! We take the time to craft and execute your marketing strategy maintaining focus on key ethical values. We show you how to get the most out of using your new branded materials whilst testing growth hypotheses and preparing you for self-sufficient growth with clear social impact.

Once your marketing function is established, we actively support you to recruit, onboard and train your herd (new growth team) to reflect your core values. This allows you to become self-sufficient and continue your ongoing marketing in-house.


B2B & B2C Growth strategy
Account based marketing
User journey mapping
Growth campaign execution
Building an ethical growth funnel
Growth funnel monitoring & analytics
Paid media and multi-channel implementation
Marketing tech stack set up and automation
Growth team recruitment & training

I'm ready to grow