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Junior Brand Growth Marketer

Job location: Remote

Job Seniority: Junior

Experience: junior brand growth marketer with 1+ years of experience. Ideally you will have experience working within a start-up/scale-up environment.

Salary range: £20,000 - £24,000

Time commitment: Full Time: 40 hours

Contract duration: Full time, Permanent.

Education: Diploma of Higher Education

Schedule: Monday to Friday

The business world has lost its balance.

At Zebra Growth, we are busy working away to make a world where the good guy wins. Where brands and organisations that truly value positive societal change don’t have to choose between making an impact and financial security. To help find the right balance.

But we can’t do it alone.

We’re on the lookout for the next Zebra to join the dazzle.

So, if you want to help in building a regenerative economy for the future, an economy that values true sustainability, equity, and diversity, then we want to hear from you.

At Zebra Growth, our goal is to become the go-to Growth Marketing and Branding agency for purpose led start-ups and scale-ups around the world. But before we can do that, we need people to know about us. And that, my esteemed friend, is where you come in.

As our Senior Business Development Manager, you will play an integral part in the sustainable growth of our business. Think of yourself as a hunter gatherer – us Zebras need feeding. We will rely on you to be proactive, organised, and outgoing. An excellent communicator with a nose for prospecting. Experience in B2B communications is essential.

This role is not for the shy and retiring, as you will need to be confident in approaching, conversing, and influencing potential clients. That being said, we’re not after the next wolf of wall street. But, if you have the confidence to walk into a room full of strangers and take centre stage, you’ll thrive in this role.

As our first ever Senior Business Development Manager, we will look to you to bring expertise and ideas to the table. To help us to explore new possibilities, and refine our BD process. You will be required to capture all of that lovely information you acquire in our CRM, organising it in a way that makes our sales process efficient and effective.

If you enjoy the thrill of the chase, meeting new people and relish the opportunity to work with emerging purpose-driven startups, this role is for you.

To boldly develop business where no business has been developed before.

As a Junior Growth Marketer you’ll play a genuinely important role in our growing business. You will help create and implement lean marketing strategies and tactics for impact-focused startups & scaleups worldwide.

But first thing’s first, your first assignment.

Before we unleash you on our clients, your first responsibility will be the Zebra Growth brand itself. You will be responsible for shaping and implementing our own internal marketing strategy. As part of a cross functional growth team, you will work with other team members to deploy our marketing tactics, connecting us with our core audience and helping us to accelerate our impact.

This isn’t just another job. It’s not just another rung on a corporate ladder. This is an opportunity to join a fast-moving, early-stage start-up where you can flex your creativity and help us build something meaningful.


What the job looks like:

1) Initially an internal facing role, focused on developing the Zebra Growth brand

2) Contributing to the marketing strategy for the business

3.) Crafting and publishing quality content, from social posts and press releases, to blogs and whitepapers

4.) Editing videos for social media

3) Setting up online advertising campaigns in various channels, monitor & optimise on an ongoing basis

4) Running hypothesis led growth experiments with the support of our directors, document learnings and results, share and foster continuous learning within the team

5) Constantly reflecting on what learnings you can take out of each challenge, and understand how you can improve your time management, technical skills, communication skills and ability to support the combined learnings of Zebra Growth

6) Manage communications with team members to ensure that Zebra Growth can progress towards achieving our OKRs

This will be a remote position and will be a varied role with lots of learning, support from a global team, hands-on implementation and lots of room for career development at a fast-growing impact-first agency.

We encourage all POC, female and LGBTQ applicants to apply. We also encourage individuals to apply even if they think they don’t have enough of the right experience for this role.

  • Are you an entrepreneurial and business-minded individual looking to grow your skills and experiences within the Business For Good and Ethical Marketing space?
  • Do you have 1+ year of experience working within or for a fast-growing startup or agency?
  • Do you enjoy taking on challenges, and taking ownership of projects?
  • Do ethics, the environment, equality, and the future of regenerative business systems get you excited?
  • Do you enjoy looking at things from a systemic perspective?
  • Do you look at complex problems, and enjoy thinking about breaking those down into actionable, implementable and clear next steps?
  • Do you recognise that there is a space for beauty in business, and yet at other times a space to be lean and scrappy?
  • Does writing social media ads, email newsletters, website copy, cold emails and messages sound like exciting tasks that you are happy to be thrown in the deep end on?
  • Does conscious leadership, non-violent communication and a flexible work schedule sound like the environment you would thrive in?

  • A strong cross functional environment working in small teams with autonomy, delivering impactful and challenging work
  • We support fully remote, flexible working from anywhere in the world
  • Co-working space membership
  • MacBook Pro to be used during employment
  • 36 holidays per year (FTE)
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Annual training and personal development budget
  • Personal and professional development support
  • Match funding towards carbon offsetting investments up to £300 annually
  • Global client base and opportunity to travel
  • Team retreats in different European Cities every 6 months
  • Profit share scheme