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Building brands with ethics in mind

What is Ethical Branding?

That’s the tricky thing about ethics. It differs from person to person, from brand to brand, from culture to culture. But ethics must be genuine and a reflection of people within the business.

We view ethics as a framework, a way to guide decision making as the business grows and evolves.

How do you make sure that you weave your core values through every element of your business, so that your intentions and actions aren’t at odds?

Well, that’s where we come in.

The process

Building a brand that will accelerate your impact takes time. Time you most likely don’t have.

We approach every project with a lean lens, working together to define the core intrinsic intentions, values and personality. We coordinate workshops, surveys, customer interviews, and real life campaigns to validate our assumptions, ensuring we build the best possible brand that’s fit for purpose.

We then package everything up. Leaving you with brand guidelines and a comprehensive design system that enables your team to whip up brand assets at lighting speed.

  1. Workshop 1:
    Brand purpose & story
  2. Workshop 2:
    Brand values & ethical risks
  3. Workshop 3:
    Brand look, feel & sound
  1. Workshop report & team survey
  2. Ethical risk register
  3. Visual concept designs
  4. Feedback loop
  5. Visual Identity finalised
  1. Brand Strategy produced
  2. Feedback loop
  3. Brand Strategy finalised
  4. Final design system handover (on Figma or similar)

The power of Brand Strategy

Great branding begins with strategy but your visual identity is just one part of your brand. To build a brand that truly resonates with your desired audience, we mix active listening, external research, narrative and business modelling to create your brand strategy.

We take a holistic view and create brands that are true to themselves and honest with their audience.

Finding your own brand space
through knowledge of cultural trends, relevance, empathy, integrity and social impact. 

A unique tone of voice
that can be carried across all touch points. Free from annoying cliches.

Defined brand purpose.
What does the business believe and why does it exist?

A strategic decision making framework
to position and communicate your brand

Naming & Visual Identity

We believe that design should be used to fix a real business problem. As a social impact business, your business is everyone’s business.

From the choice of name, colours, fonts, & logo, everything should have a strategic reason for being included.

We design visual identities that strike the balance between form and function, being both aesthetically appealing and effective at a business and user level.

What’s Included

  • Distinctive & effective brand name
  • Brand Guidelines and Digital Design System that enables speed
  • Enhanced brand positioning & confidence in your brand
  • A visual identity that is a true representation of your people & mission

Brand Assets

A strategy-led design approach will result in a brand that stands out visually, and tonally. Ensuring that the essence of the brand is strengthened with every interaction.

In close collaboration with the brand strategy team, our designers design and develop a beautiful and robust suite of assets to communicate your new ethical brand identity.

What do you need?

Brand videos & photography

Consciously sourced & designed packaging

Sustainable merchandise

UI and UX design

Website & landing page design

Print media design

PR kits

Business literature and pitch decks


Brand purpose is a wayfinder, defining and communicating your purpose, By exploring, documenting and understanding how to articulate it, you can create alignment, focus and momentum for your business.

Brand strategy is a decision making framework that provides clarity on what you will and won't do as a brand. It takes your brand purpose and further develops it into a rulebook for how to communicate and maintain your distinctiveness.

You want to make sure your team are involved in creating a brand and culture that is authentic.

You want to craft a brand story that captures the imagination and attention of your audience.

You want to create a logo and set of brand guidelines that capture your audience's imagination.