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The fastest growing vertical in Europe.

A new leading light in eco advocacy is emerging – Climate Tech

It’s time to step up to the plate!

When it comes to tackling negative social and environmental impact, we all have to play our part. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy but in terms of the damage we are doing to our planet, it is now mission critical. Climate, agriculture and food tech are the fastest growing sectors and are leading the charge against climate impact through innovation. Now some of the world’s largest corporate techs are starting to take notice.

Tackling negative impact through data driven innovation and growth

Start ups and scale ups face constant challenges, yet more and more entrepreneurs in the social impact space have the opportunity to change the world from the ground up. It has never been more important than it is now, as the climate crisis escalates.

graph showing two lines

And who is the hero in the eco tech space? Perhaps surprisingly, the new superhero in the eco space is the climate tech sector. Science can destroy us, but it also has the power to save us.

That is why Zebra Growth is focusing on climate tech as one of our key sectors, using ethical growth hacking to help climate tech businesses to simultaneously drive growth and positive social impact.

Climate tech, agri and food tech brands are fast becoming new age pioneers, challenging the boundaries of what we thought possible, through data driven design and innovation. Innovation beyond ‘proof of concept’ attracts a year on year increase in investment and alongside sector growth, brings with it, huge potential for turbocharged environmental and social impact.

It’s time for the unicorns to start following the Zebras!

“Change is happening in the climate tech sector – that’s great, right?”

Well it’s a start, but it simply isn’t happening fast enough.

So what are the growth barriers to climate, agriculture and food tech?

Our experience in this sector has helped us to identify the key areas where climate tech businesses
face significant challenges. These are typically:

We can help!

At Zebra Growth we know from experience that it is possible for all brands to grow in a positive and impactful way. We have developed, tried and tested a unique Growth Hacking approach that really works. We use data, analytics and insights to inform growth through an ethical lens, keeping our focus on the bigger picture, with our collective future in mind.

It doesn’t matter what stage your business is at on your journey to growth or whether you are in food, agri or climate tech. You may be at bootstrap, seed or ‘A’ funded stage; we have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes maximize their potential, providing targeted support on branding, growth and implementation strategies and tech stack setup for example.

The Challenges

Not defining growth marketing strategy early enough in the innovation process

Lack of alignment in innovation and growth strategies – take a bottom up approach: Consider running marketing and innovation strategy workshop

Basing marketing strategy on existing data and funnels – strategy must be informed by current discovery and data to validate customer and stakeholder engagment, messaging market, product fit, etc.

Lack of agility and responsiveness

Lack of omni-channel performance tracking

Key stakeholder support for growth and innovation strategy

Lack of growth culture that balance profits and impacts

Poorly defined marketing model – test hypothesis, growth cycles, stakeholder messaging, OKRs

Our Solutions

Help you balance growth and impact using Growth Hacking

Drive a more predictable growth cycle so you can maximise your impact

Collaborate with you to develop a growth strategy to grow your revenue and social impact

Make sure you are speaking the language that speaks to your target audience

Achieve product/market fit

Use lead methodology to drive efficiency

Create a visual identity and brand that allows you to stand out in the market

And we get results!

Together we will move the needle on Climate Change

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at how we have helped brands in the climate, agriculture and food tech space to scale.

Our Work in the Climate Tech sector

Food Hero Scot

Grass-Roots Movement Branding, Website, Growth Marketing & Mini Documentary Series

#FoodHeroScot is a community led campaign focused on sharing the stories of those in the Food & Drink sector that are leading with heart and kindness, using ingenuity to find innovative solutions to the pandemic, and prioritising people and planet over profit to contribute to a more fair and regenerative food system in Scotland. Focused on storytelling, so far we have captured five powerful mini documentaries on businesses or social enterprises shared on the #FoodHeroScot website and spotlighted through a media campaign delivered by STV.


Video Production and Animation

By 2050 the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion and the demand for protein is going to surge, creating a protein gap of over 100 million tons. Over the last 6 years, our client ENOUGH has developed a sustainable protein solution made by naturally fermenting fungi. Healthy, sustainable, and tasty, they are on a mission to feed the next billion people, without ever harming an animal. Project Features: 2d animation Storyboarding and pre-production, Sound Design, Voice Artist and 3 day turnaround time

Zebra Growth x IGS


Scottish vertical farming firm Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) has appointed ethical marketing specialists Zebra Growth as it steps up its bid to deploy its systems to customers across the globe and help tackle the world’s food crisis.

So are you an innovative climate/agri/food tech company looking to scale ethically?

There are better, smarter and more efficient ways to use marketing to drive growth. And if we are to protect our planet, we must all transition towards a society shaped by regeneration and sustainability. If this sounds like you, we are ready and waiting to help communicate your brand to an audience where the environment is the primary focus.

Zebra Growth uses the same data driven methodology as climate tech innovators, except we use it to direct growth and maximize positive impact. Our team of strategists and techies get super excited by data and we use tools proven by Silicon Valley, to drive effective and sustainable growth. This approach is called Growth Hacking.

We keep the important stuff front and center but dig deep into data to inform our strategy, ideating, testing, tracking and scaling with ethics and impact in mind.

Our teams are set up cross functionally, enabling your ethical growth to be fuelled by a lean and multidisciplinary team full of unique experience and expertise. This ensures maximum efficiency, and empowers us to learn more from one another’s experiences working with startups across the globe.

Turning the tide

And the ethical marketing message is spreading. Arguably, the greatest negative impacts have previously been generated by corporate giants. However more unicorns are turning away from planetary destruction caused by the ‘profit at all cost’ mentality. Many are turning towards socially responsible and sustainable business growth.

The Unicorns are following the Zebras!

The time is right now!

At Zebra Growth we are passionate about driving positive social and environmental impact wherever we can by moving away from the traditional corporate model towards something a lot more regenerative.

So, if you are a climate, agri or food tech brand that is just itching to grow your impact and your business, the time to act is now!


We have put together a number of resources to help those businesses in the climate tech space to take the first step in their regenerative journey.

Climate Tech Businesses,

Do you hear the call of the Zebra?

We are shouting out to all impact focused brands in the climate tech sector that are looking to scale. If you are aiming to grow, your positive social and environmental impact really can grow with you.

Just give us a shout –
a virtual coffee is ready and waiting..

See you there!