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Cultivating the next generation of cooperative businesses at scale.

Developing and delivering bespoke growth marketing training to a cohort of cooperative businesses through a facilitated group learning experience.


Name: Greg Brodsky

Title: Founder


“Zebra Growth supplied exactly what was looking for. A highlight was Moh giving our group a great overview of how to look at marketing as a series of experiments to be tested and validated.”


Growth Marketing Training Delivery

Training Design & Syllabus Creation, Training Delivery & Session Facilitation, Worksheets, Training Resources, & 1:1 / Group Coaching.

Zebra Growth facilitated a series of interactive sessions for the cohort of businesses over a 3 month period.

Session 1:

Building Your Growth Funnel


Watch the “Growth Marketing 101” video (insert growth hacking video)


  1. Growth marketing 101
  2. How to choose the right goals
  3. How to choose the right metrics & KPIs
  4. Understanding conversion rates
  5. How to choose the right foundational channels
  6. Deciding your main viral loop
  7. Q&A


Cohort completes their first growth funnel, gains an understanding of main funnel KPIs & has a solid understanding of what goes into a growth marketing plan.

Session 2:

Setting Up Your Marketing Systems & Team’s Mindset

Having built a growth funnel, Before jumping into testing different growth hypotheses, we explain the main systems needed to test at speed. From setting up analytics, to having a solid content editorial dashboard, to all the necessary tools and frameworks needed to start experimenting with ease and clarity.

Aside from the tools needed, we shared some tips and tricks on how to start embedding a growth mindset within a team and culture – one of the key success factors of rapid growth.


  1. An Introduction to Marketing Operations
  2. Creating your editorial publishing system
  3. Setting up your online analytics audiences
    (Google Analytics)
  4. Prioritising growth experiments (ICE scoring)
  5. Documenting your experiments (Hypothesis log)
  6. Embedding the growth mindset in your culture

ZG Hypothesis Log

Growth Worksheet 1

How to set up your team’s tech stack (examples of 1-2 CRM’s given) & a guide to Google Analytics custom audience set up

Session 3:

Getting ready to run your
first growth cycle

Having been through the marketing systems and begun embedding the growth mindset, it was now time to prepare the cohort with the coordination skills required to be successful in running their first growth cycle.


  1. Introduction to KANBAN & agile project management
  2. Running growth meetings (monthly, weekly & daily)
  3. Different experiments: building out your validation roadmap
  4. Outlining your first growth experiment
  5. Q&A

Session 4:

Monthly sharing cycle

Within this feedback session, cohort members had the opportunity to share how their first growth cycle went. What went well? What didn’t go as well? What were the main roadblocks? Given the space to ask specific questions around running growth experiments, hear how other team’s experiences have been, and take key insights to make their next cycle more efficient & effective.


  1. Ice-breaker
  2. Open sharing: what went well, what didn’t go well?
  3. Q&A

Outcomes, Benefits & Impact