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Do you know the power of your brand? It’s time to evaluate.

With our Brand ScoreApp Quiz, you’re just 33 short
away from unlocking your Brand’s potential!
If you want to delve deeper into the results, there’s an
added bonus of a FREE 45 minute discovery call with
one of our brand specialists.

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At Zebra Growth, we understand that it can be a daunting task to start evaluating your brand.

That’s why we created this simple quiz to give you FAST and FREE insights into how your business scores on branding and how you can leverage it to maximise your potential.

We gather these insights by pitting you against the core pillars of branding: Purpose, Strategy, Identity, and Messaging. Defining and refining these four pillars should inform almost all of the decisions you make to growing your business ethically and having the most impact.

Not sure what to look for in the four pillars? Check out below as we delve into each in more detail.

70% of Startups fail between their second and fifth year of business.”

Despite this eye watering statistic, Failory found that presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

So why are Startups spending so little time and resources on evaluating their brand?

We know from experience that a fast growing start-up is filled with shifting priorities and many tasks can fall by the wayside – short-term thinking tends to take priority over the long term, with sales activation and marketing taking precedence over brand building activity.

The mistake that many startups make is believing that understanding and evaluating their brand isn’t essential to their growth. By neglecting the power of branding, startups leave a lot of opportunity on the table. Infact, at Zebra Growth we believe effective branding to be one of the biggest levers you can pull to accelerate your growth.

So, how can Zebra Growth’s ScoreApp Quiz get you on the path to evaluating your brand?

We use insightful intelligence tools to gather data and highlight the weaknesses – and strengths!- of your brand, providing you with a free breakdown of your score.

Let’s build a Temple! The four pillars to evaluate your brand.

Before you take our ScoreApp Quiz, we’d recommend taking a moment to refresh on the four pillars of branding.

Ready to see how you stack up?

Take our Brand ScoreApp Quiz and take the first step in evaluating your Brand, and receive your FREE breakdown of insights into your Brand. We’ve also thrown in the added bonus of a FREE 45 minute discovery call with one of our brand specialists.

Like what you found or looking to delve deeper?

We understand that highlighting weaknesses in your branding is only the first step. We’re here for a free consultation call to hear about you and to provide further insights into how you can grow into a more cohesive, streamlined brand – just send us a message, the virtual coffee is brewing!